mercoledì, dicembre 18, 2013

Countryside space ship speed painting

Few steps i've saved :):

sabato, dicembre 07, 2013

Grey Liverpool Street - London

Via Flickr:
Great crowded point of view in Liverpool Street Station. It has been a while since my last photo here but i've been very busy guys. I'll try to be as much active as i can :D.

Hope you like this shot.

martedì, novembre 05, 2013

Dark forest speedpaint

martedì, ottobre 22, 2013

Having fun

Playing with brushes and colours i came out with this. Not sure if i like or not :D... I just share in silence.
Hope you enjoy guys.

2 steps before the final:

martedì, agosto 20, 2013

Hollywood Blv Magic

Hollywood Blv Magic by Luca Pisanu
Hollywood Blv Magic, a photo by Luca Pisanu on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
It's been like climbing the Hollywood Blv. I took this long exposure with my Samyang 14mm, i quite liked the cold and warm contrast originally on the spot.

I love this place!
I hope you like it guys.

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martedì, luglio 16, 2013

Sunset in Hollywood

Sunset in Hollywood by Luca Pisanu
Sunset in Hollywood, a photo by Luca Pisanu on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Amazing lighting in Hollywood! There's something magic in this sky!

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lunedì, giugno 24, 2013

Concept of the day

And here the concept for today. I started painting randomly and there you go, my mind was thinking to sand and sun light. I think it's a subliminal message that i need a vacation ;).
BTW i hope you like guys.

martedì, giugno 11, 2013

domenica, giugno 09, 2013

Game of Thrones - Cosplay Piano Matte-paint

I'm very proud finally to have had the opportunity to work on this awesome piece for Game of Thrones that you can find here.
Today i show you 1 matte-paint about The Wall. Quite famous if you follow the tv-series.

I hope you like it guys.
New stuff coming out really soon, so, stay tuned. 

mercoledì, giugno 05, 2013

Game of Thrones - Cosplay Piano - Ep 4

THERE WE ARE!! Finally is out! I'm very proud to show you this video where i worked as mattepainter with an amazing team leaded by the super Alessandro Schiassi. Thanks to all the guys worked on this project! Awesome job!
Prepare the couch and enjoy this piece of art;)!

giovedì, maggio 30, 2013

mercoledì, maggio 29, 2013

Quick Sketch of the day

Quick sketch of the day. I know it's quite messy, today i took a bit more to focus what my mind was trying to say :). Whatever you see i hope you like ;)

venerdì, maggio 24, 2013

lunedì, marzo 25, 2013

Cave landscape Matte Paint

Hey everybody.
This is my new mattepaint done after a lot of research and experiments.
The very first step is the concept where i've blocked the shapes and defined lightins direction and composition.
I really hope you like it ;) let me know!