martedì, novembre 06, 2012

Sea Matte Paint Breakdown

Hey everybody.
Digital Matte Paint for a sea landscape here. As i did for the mountain one below you can see my new mattepaint.
Hope you like. Of course i'm happy to answer questions or read your comments... So don't be shy.

domenica, ottobre 28, 2012

SYNC Ep.12 Matte Paint

Hey everybody!
All happens so quickly and just few weeks ago i was posting my work done on the episode 6. Today the DMP done for the episode 12.
This is just a part of it, i suggest to watch the entire episode and as i've said already last time, i want you watching Sync because i'm sure you'll enjoy it a lot.
Hope you like what you see below.


Thanks everybody for watching!
Thanks Corridor Digital for get me in this

Luca Pisanu

All rights reserved - Corridor Digital

mercoledì, ottobre 24, 2012

Mountain Matte Paint

Hey everybody.
Here today i want to show you this DMP of this mountain landscape i did for an online project.
Not so much to say, i just hope you like. I decided to make a very quick breakdown of it to show you my process on it.

Thanks for watching!

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martedì, ottobre 23, 2012

311MMA Athlete - Luke "BigSlow" Barnatt

Proud to be part of this project!

Filming, Grading and Edit - Luca Pisanu
Music - Artists: J Majik & Wickaman
Title: Assassin
P. Line: AEI Media
C. Line: AEI Media 
Published by AEI Music / Verse
Written by: J. Spratling & A. Parsons
License courtesy of AEI Media
Photographer #TomFraud

Luke Barnatt is proudly sponsored by SPORTS311 "Visual Performance"
For more info contact

venerdì, ottobre 12, 2012

SYNC by Corridor Digital

Hello everybody!
Today I’m very proud to show you one work that I’ve been very proud to do. But before it, let’s  jump one step back.

SYNC: A webseries by Corridor Digital. I hope you know it already but if you don’t, don’t lose your time and click here to start from the begin.

So, what am i here for?
I’ve been involved as matte painter to create the Hong Kong background in the episode 6. (You better click on the link).
I’m very happy for the result and glad people appreciated the work.
After a lot of research and coffee this is the result.

And here the video:

It’s a huge honor for me to be part of all this.

So thanks Corridor Digital and thanks everybody for reading here.

Be sure you check all the links below and watch all the episodes, you’ll be amazed by Sync!

Luca Pisanu

All rights reserved - Corridor Digital